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Since this is just a page on the World Wide Web, a disclaimer is really just an amusing addendum. For most intents and purposes, there's not much anyone can do about personal use of whatever content they can readily surf to on the internet.

BUT, let me just state a couple things so that they can be specifically addressed.

  1. I, Clayton Castle, am solely responsible for the content of this site. Anyone unfortunate enough to have been mentioned or linked to here are faultless for any material found here, even if I've shamelessly stolen their stuff. That being said...
  2. I take absolutely no responsibility for your reactions to anything on, or linked to from this site. I'm not your keeper, and if you don't like what's here, go away.
  3. All content, particularly art, photos and prose, on this site are the copyright of Clayton Castle, unless otherwise attributed. However, being pragmatic as this is a public web page, you are free to copy and use all materials on this web site PROVIDED THAT THEY ARE NOT REDISTRIBUTED FOR PROFIT WITHOUT MY EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT. I also ask that you attribute to me anything you use from here. It would also be nice if you didn't attribute things to me that have nothing to do with me, but that's a different issue.
  4. Keep in mind that everything stated on this site is merely my opinion, even if I do not clearly distinguish it as such. All threats of libel suits will be laughed at, both because you don't really have a leg to stand on, and because I foolishly fritter away all my money so it's not worth your while anyway.

You have been warned.